Who You Should Notify in Case of a Change of Address

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19 December 2021

Moving out of your old space and into a new place? It can be very tiring and troublesome to switch to a new location. There are a lot of things you need to get done before you can finally settle into your new home and it’s imperative that you cover all the angles if you want a smooth and trouble-free transfer.

From packing up all your things, to booking a moving service, and making those last few arrangements with your realtor, many individuals find themselves overwhelmed with the responsibilities that come hand in hand with making a move. But did you know there’s often one aspect of the big move that many people overlook?

There are a lot of people, organizations, services, and offices that you should inform of your move if you want to maintain contact with them. It’s vital that you notify all the pertinent individuals of your transfer to be able to gain access to the same services, benefits, and information.

Who you should notify in case of a change of address

  1. Government Agencies – There are probably many different government services that you avail of as a working citizen. These can include your health insurance or Medicare, local library services, driving licenses and car registrations, your local tax office, and the Australian Post retail outlet. Because most of these services will inform you of any status updates or information through postal mail, it’s important that you update your address when you make the move so they can redirect any and all incoming post to your new location.
  2. Utilities – Once you move, your energy, water, cable, gas, phone, internet, and other utilities go with you. That is, whatever consumption you had in your old place will be transferred to the new one. The last thing you want is for your utilities to keep getting billed to your old address. Make sure you update your address with your local utilities so they can forward any incoming bills to your new place.
  3. Medical and Other Services – Your doctor or dentist keeps a record of your address for a very good reason, and usually, it is for emergency purposes. To ensure that you’re safe at all times, make sure you inform your doctor, dentist, and any other medical practitioner you avail services from regarding your move. It would also help to inform your or your children’s school, your lawyer, any subscriptions, catalogues, and other services that make use of your address for forwarding information.

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