Why You Should Hire a Local Property Manager

YNM Real Estate
17 December 2021

Property managers can really take the stress out of owning an investment property and being a landlord. But why should you consider hiring a local property manager?

Why you should hire a local property manager:

Helping you find the right tenant

Finding the ideal tenant takes time - a lot of time. From properly advertising your property to conducting thorough tenant screening, there are many steps that are crucial to property investment success - but none more important than finding the right tenant.. Great tenants are sometimes hard to find - but with local help, the task becomes that much easier. Our property management team is experienced in helping you to find that ideal tenant.

Rental agreements

It’s vital to any tenancy to have a proper and thorough rental agreement in place. It’s also important to be aware of and have a good understanding of the local tenancy rules and regulations - our team is on top of these and will ensure you keep up to date with any and all changes that need to be made should they pop up!

Rent management

Property management services include following up and collecting rent from tenants. Having a local property manager on hand can speed up the process and make your life just that bit easier!

Ensuring routine inspections are carried out

Routine inspections offer you a great opportunity to ensure that your property is being well maintained by your tenant. Your property manager will ensure that these are set up and that proper communication is given to your tenants to arrange the inspection time.

Maintenance reports and managing maintenance repairs on your behalf

Another important part of property management is ensuring that thorough property maintenance reports are made so that you are aware of any and all maintenance issues and long term maintenance needs your property has. Your local property manager will also be able to assist in managing the communication from your tenant and handling any repair requests on your behalf - this means that you won’t need to handle that emergency plumbing repair!

Need help with property management services in Sydney? Give us a call today!

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