Why You Should Hold an Open Home Viewing When Selling Your Home

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17 December 2021

Perhaps your home is not ready for viewing. It may not be in an ideal location, weather and other local factors may also be cited to make you believe that open home viewing is not ideal. Do not endorse such standpoints without having an informed opinion. Open home viewing has several advantages which you cannot overlook or afford to ignore.

Let us explore why you should hold an open home viewing when selling your home.

  • Once your home is ready, there isn’t much that you need to do. Thus, you would have a lot of time at your disposal to interact with potential homebuyers. You can also spend some time with prospective real estate agents. You would be able to deal with multiple homebuyers at the same time. You can control the exact viewing times and also the number of visitors who are interested in your home.
  • The busier your open house, the bigger potential that the activity will make people feel that the property is in demand and that will not only lead to expressed or implied interest but actual offers. You would then be able to negotiate the deals much sooner than you would otherwise.
  • Open home viewing is effective even when the market is down or the real estate industry is witnessing a slowdown. The sheer activity, presence of people and the free unhindered tour will always appeal to prospective homebuyers. The word would spread quickly and you can garner some traction.
  • When you have several prospective home buyers check out your home, you can easily make a note of their feedback or even criticism. You can make changes accordingly that will facilitate a sale sooner than later.

Preparing your home for open viewing doesn’t have to be daunting. All you need is a well-planned approach. De-clutter your home, clean it up, make fixtures and furnishings appear as new as possible, keep things simple and neatly organized to make the place appear more spacious, take your personal belongings away to create a neutral setting and not one that makes it personalized for you, renovate any room that you think should be redone, bring in some fresh flowers, allow natural light and air in, also sunlight, and make the home appear welcoming and soothing.

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